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See the price history of some of your favorite webshops

A lot of webshops are know to change te prices of there product before big sales so the sales look bigger. We keep track of the prices daily so you can see how good the deals really are.

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Supported webshops

We are working really hard to add all your favorite webshops. Please come back soon to see all the webshops.


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How do we track the prices?

That really depends on the webshop. But for the most webshops we use a product-feed(s) these are big list(s) with all the products for that webshop. Then we check all those product against the products that we already have from that webshop and then we update the prices. For other webshops we use there api to update the price.

How do we make money?

We use affiliate marketing on most webshops that we support. That means that when you buy something using Pricing Monster we get a some money most of the time a percentage of the money you spend. It does not cost you anything extra. We do not sell any use data to make money. That does not mean all webshops we add need to have a affiliate program.

What kind of user data do you collect

At this moment the only data we have is the data that our api/affiliate partners provide.